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Viet Restaurant Hanoi. Is not only the symbolic meaning for Vietnamese culinary traditions, cultures but also humanistic values of spiritual, ritual and practical heritages in each family. Family values are expressed through a meal of two to three different generations living under one roof, through the way children respectfully invite grandparents, parents, the way we pay attention to care and pick up food for each other. Sitting together, talking about daily topic while eating is also the way each Vietnamese child has early life awareness which influences on shaping their worldview and thought.

We want to convey meaningful messages of Vietnamese spiritual and cultural values ​​to customers visiting our restaurant. Moreover, we want to bring you closer to the traditional culinary of Vietnam. We truly hope that Việt is not just a restaurant where we enjoy lunch and dinner, we would like to make it as a home away from home for customers where they can spend time gathering together, enjoying many delicious typical Vietnamese foods. Our desire is to bring peace, happiness, rusticity, honesty to our beloved customers so that they can experience the daily meals as millions Vietnamese.  Hence, Mâm Cơm Việt is a special name and memorable impression; wonderful highlight of your adventure to our motherland.

Nothing could be fantastic than savoring tasty lunch or dinner whilst immersing yourselves in romantic atmosphere of our restaurant, enjoying hustle and bustle view of the Old Quarter through the large and wide windows. Above all, with enthusiastic, friendly team, we always thrive our best to listen and meet the of various customers all over the world from every single details.

Floor 8th of JM Marvel Hotel Hanoi

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