Cloud Sky Bar

I'd Like To

"Reaching the clouds of Hanoi.

A mesmerizing rooftop destination for sky lovers, stargazers, and those who like to dream.

Where the sky is so close that makes your soul and spirit soar. Be in time to catch one of the good spots to watch the city light up as the sun goes down with a glass of cocktail in hand.

On the menu are creative sensations that will awaken all the senses. While the music sets the tone for the night ahead, it will be for sure an unforgettable moment when drinking in the skyline surroundings and feasting upon tantalizing tastes of Hanoi infused with exquisitely crafted traditional flavors.

Seating occupancy 80

High chair sitting 50


Sofa seating 30

View direction

Cloud Sky View

Open Daily

From 16h00 until 23h30

Top Floor of JM Marvel Hotel Hanoi

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